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The Avengers Cast: Old and New [x]

A Conversation with Badass Women



Lost Celebrates 10th Anniversary at SDCC 2014

im not even jokin this just made me really emotional???

In real life, I’m so brutally honest that it almost works against me sometimes.

lotr cast commentary

G: This is an eternity ring, you’re supposed to wear this all the time. And it’s usually given to you by someone you know intimate. 
S: Why do you know that? 
G: I gave one to Jessica Chan.

"There’s no time for romance, we have shit to Avenge."

— Scarlett Johansson, on the lack of romantic subplot in The Avengers (via coffeeorsomething)


explaining anxiety is the fucking worst because you feel like an idiot for being bothered by the things that bother you but it’s such an intense fear right at your core so you have to go through all of these other levels of yourself to try and get someone else to understand it

Age of Ultron cast assembles at Comic-Con

Comic-Con portraits - Day 3